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Trip/Fall in Supermarket, Office Complex or Retail Store

In Massachusetts, personal injury law regarding accidents on personal and private property presents significant challenges. Foremost, premises liability and slip/trip and fall accident victims are not "automatically" entitled to compensation. Instead, injured individuals usually must prove negligence or breach of warranty on the part of property owners and managers. Without proof of negligence or breach of warranty, insurance companies can often deny payment and courts will dismiss cases.


At the Law Offices of Richard C. Woods. we have successfully handled numerous premises liability and slip/trip and fall accidents and can fight aggressively for your rights.


If you have been injured in a private home, store, mall, or other private or public location, it is essential that you contact a personal injury attorney as quickly as possible. By building evidence of negligence early, your attorney can locate and interview witnesses and take other steps to protect your rights.


The Law Offices of Richard C. Woods. will interview witnesses and property owners and research building codes, state regulations, and other property laws and guidelines as necessary to prove negligence and sue for maximum financial compensation. We have successfully compelled dozens of businesses and property owners to accept liability and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

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