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Slip and Fall Accidents

A slip and fall accident reminds us all of times that we fell down as children. Obviously, and unfortunately, adults are not nearly as resilient as children when their bodies hit the ground hard. Common injuries in slip and fall accidents include the following:


* Broken teeth, broken nose
* Broken tailbone, arm or knee
* Sprained knee, ankle or wrist
* Head injury
* Spinal cord injury
* Back and neck injury


A slip and fall accident victim may require medical care for a long time and be unable to work as before, either long term or for a period of weeks or months.

Other people's negligence may contribute to a slip and fall accident in scenarios such as these:

* A store owner may fail to remove ice or repair or report broken sidewalks in front of a retail establishment or restaurant.
* A landlord may fail to maintain stairs and hallways, allowing unsafe conditions such as torn carpet and broken handrails or loose balcony railings to pose risks to tenants and visitors to apartment buildings and other residential rental properties.
* Staircases in homes may have been built by uncertified subcontractors and fail to comply with building codes.
* Unsafe conditions at construction sites may cause workers to trip and fall from roofs, into trenches, through holes in roughed-in upper floors of multi-story buildings under construction, and in various other ways.


It is very important to document the scene right away after a slip and fall injury. The next day, property owners will most likely fix the handrail or cracked sidewalk or remove the ice. The condition of the scene may soon look markedly different. Family members can help right away by photographing the scene of the accident and helping to identify witnesses. Better yet: contact the Law Offices of Richard C. Woods

Take action right away to increase the likelihood that you will receive the compensation that you need and deserve to cover costs such as the following:


* Medical treatment
* Physical therapy
* Lost wage replacement
* Medical equipment (such as wheel chairs)
* Adaptations such as wheel chair ramps, widened doorways and installation of grab bars in home bathrooms


We sincerely hope you choose our law firm to represent you after you have been injured in a slip and fall accident or other type of personal injury in Massachusetts. Contact us to speak with an experienced lawyer.

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