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Railroad Accidents

Every individual has the right to assume they will receive safe passage from a train company, and when they are injured in an accident caused by the railroad’s carelessness or negligence, their rights have been violated. Unfortunately, train companies do not always accept responsibility for accidents and most individuals do not have the resources or understanding of the law to succeed in making a large railroad company take responsibility for their negligence.


Train accidents can involve locomotives or local light rail systems. They can happen at unprotected crossings where there are no lights or signals to indicate an oncoming train to passenger vehicles. Trains can derail due to improper track maintenance or mechanical failure, even driver fatigue. Unlike many other motor vehicle accidents, train accidents can include spillage of hazardous waste. Any of these situations can cause serious injury or even death to passengers involved.


* Derailment is an accident where a train runs off its track. Derailment is the leading cause of crashes.
* In collisions, a train is unable to stay on the track and upright on impact, thus increasing the chance of injury to passengers.
* Many passengers suffer injuries from accidents that occur upon entering or exiting the train, sudden train movement, security-related issues and poor maintenance.
* Failure to warn its passengers of transportation safety issues that are known to the carrier such as standing in the aisle.
* Motorists and pedestrians hurt in railway accidents. Railroads have a duty to provide safety to those who travel on roads that cross railroad tracks and must provide proper maintenance of tracks, adequate notice of an approaching train, and operate the train at a reasonable speed.


Your legal options will depend on the type of injury that you sustained as the victim of a railroad-related injury. It takes the knowledge and skill of an experienced attorney who knows railroad accident laws and victims' rights to determine fault and prove that your injuries were caused by the railroad’s negligence. There is a time-sensitive issue in reporting train injuries, so if you have suffered the loss of health, property, or a loved one, please contact us immediately to preserve your right to file suit.


The Law Offices of Richard C. Woods, we understand train accident law and the Massachusetts legal system. Whether we’re building your case, counseling you with practical legal advice or developing strategies to provide the highest levels of compensation, we are always working diligently to protect your interests.

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