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Plan for possible future disability, illness or incompetence, while healthy and competent.


Every individual, while healthy and competent should seriously consider establishing a Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy in order to appoint the persons they would personally select to make financial and medical decisions for them in the event of future incompetence.  These are simple, inexpensive legal documents that protect an individual during their lifetime.  A failure to execute these legal documents while healthy and competent could result in the Court appointing a Guardian for you, in the event you were to become incompetent in the future.  The Guardianship process is a legal process requiring Court appearances, and public notices, that is costly, both financially and emotionally.  The Guardianship process, in most cases, may be totally avoided by some simple lifetime planning accomplished while you are legally competent.  Furthermore, a Court appointed Guardian could be someone you would not have personally chosen and could be a complete stranger, appointed by the Court.

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