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Assuming that the trial has been set and an indictment issued, both sides are allowed to appear before a judge and make motions in an attempt to set parameters for the trial.

These motions will mostly relate to evidence or witnesses, requesting permission or prohibition of certain evidence from being considered, seen, or heard by the jury. This step is crucial to the development of your case’s readiness for trial, and can significantly alter how your trial will play out.

There are countless possibilities for what a pre-trial motion could entail, the following are some examples:

Pre-trial motions can truly shape the progression and makeup of a trial; trials can be won and lost in this stage. With proper representation you will give yourself a huge advantage during the pre-trial motions period, and significantly increase the possibility of winning your trial.

You need a defense lawyer with a vast knowledge of the law and the rights of citizens to avoid the admission of questionable evidence that could damage your ability to win your case.


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