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Premises Liability

If you or a family member has been seriously injured in an accident on someone else's residential or commercial property, our premises liability attorneys may be able to help you. It is very important for you to contact an experienced personal injury attorney right away after an accident, so that our premises liability lawyers can act quickly to ensure that important evidence, which may demonstrate a property owner's negligence, is preserved. Our attorneys will use this evidence to help build a stronger case even when strict premises liability applies.


When necessary we will also employ forensic experts, such as engineers, who can establish coefficients of friction for various surfaces, as well as an analysis of conditions arising from design inadequacies or the failure to adhere to applicable building codes.



Our experienced personal injury attorneys handle all types of premises liability cases arising from accidents on residential, commercial or public property. Common types of cases our lawyers handle include:


*  Defective stairways and stair collapse
*  Building code or housing code violations that cause injury
*  Porch collapse and porch railing failures
*  Balcony defects, failures or collapses
*  Deck defects, failures or collapses
*  Floor defects or collapses
*  Snow and ice claims arising from unnatural accumulations
*  Fire, smoke and carbon monoxide injuries
*  Injuries, rapes, sexual assaults and wrongful death from negligent security
*  Swimming pool accidents
*  Inadequate lighting
*  Automatic doors that malfunction
*  Slips and falls from water, grease or cleaning agents
*  Elevator and escalator accidents caused by sudden drops or stops that cause injury
*  Theme park or amusement ride accidents
*  Toxic chemicals
*  Failure to repair or maintain premises
*  Unsafe commercial displays in stores
*  Falling merchandise at stores
*  Unprotected holes in walking areas and uneven surfaces at construction sites
*  Dog bites



In Massachusetts, a property owner or the person controlling or using the property might be responsible for personal injuries you sustain while on their property. Often premises liability cases involve failure on the part of the property owner to maintain the property. Common sense dictates that building materials, such as wood staircases, railings, balconies and porches or brick walkways, will wear out over time and therefore need regular maintenance. By failing to regularly inspect and to regularly maintain these structures a building owner may expose themselves to liability for any injuries that result from the lack of maintenance.


Other premises liability cases involve a situation where the landlord or the business tenant might create the dangerous condition that causes an injury. A common example is when a store owner washes a floor, leaving it wet and slippery without putting up warning signs to prevent an accident.

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