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When a child is born of parents who are not married to each other, there are typically many potential complications and issues that need clarification through legal actions such as child support orders.


Questions to consider about a baby or child of unmarried parents include the following:

* How will you collect child support?
* Or how will child support be assessed to you?
* Might the father be entitled to visitation even though you are not married?
* How will your coming divorce be affected if the baby has a father who is not the husband of the mother?
* Will your baby be entitled to receive an inheritance from the father someday?
* How will the courts know who the father is?


You most likely need legal advice concerning a paternity action if you are:

* The mother of a child, born or yet to be born ("Will I have custody by default?")
* The father of a child, born or yet to be born ("This guy is the father.")
* The purported father ("I'm not sure if the child is mine.")



We will not only help you arrange DNA testing, but will advise you thoroughly on your rights and responsibilities, as well as the most effective way in your particular situation to protect the best interests of the child.


Keep in mind that if you as the male claim paternity, you cannot later disavow this acknowledgement. Once you sign the birth certificate, you acknowledge paternity, and give up certain legal rights such as the right to challenge the allegations. For this reason, even if you trust your girlfriend, it is often advisable for the child of unmarried parents to undergo DNA testing, to allay doubts now or in the future.

To discuss these and other matters with an experienced, knowledgeable family law attorney contact our office to schedule a consultation.

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