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Child Support

Child support issues often become contentious between divorced spouses when one party feels that Massachusetts child support laws unfairly favor the custodial parent. The parent who is obliged to pay child support often stops paying support when it becomes too great a financial burden or questions arise over appropriate use of the money. In many cases, the solution simply rests with bringing the two parents together for a conversation about the change or changes in circumstances. Sometimes, however, child support issues become so contentious that enforcement measures or modification of the judgment become necessary.


If you are having legal problems associated with child support, whether you are the custodial parent, or are obligated to pay, the Law Offices of Richard C. Woods offers resolutions that make sense. We will work toward finding amicable solutions, always keeping the child's best interests as a priority.


Contact our offices before your child support issue becomes worse.


We offer a full range of child support legal services such as:
* DNA, paternity test compliance
* Child support guidelines and calculator
* Modify child support settlement or judgment
* Enforce child support payments
* Child custody and visitation law
* Child Support Enforcement Issues


A non-custodial parent who doesn't meet child support obligations faces serious consequences under Massachusetts law. This includes penalties for shirking financial responsibilities to pay a child support order. A Complaint for Contempt will usually be filed to force compliance. A successful complaint could result in the non-paying parent having to pay the attorney's fees to the custodial parent. In the most serious cases, the non-paying parent could be even be incarcerated.


Contact the Law Offices of Richard C. Woods to discuss your child support and child custody legal matters. Our experience will help you move toward the most favorable resolution possible under the circumstances.

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