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Child Custody/Visitation Rights

Massachusetts family courts have historically had a tendency to grant custody of minor children to the mother. Until recently, many mothers worked as the primary caregiver in the home, while husbands had the opportunity to further their careers and earning potential in the workplace. This naturally led to a belief among judges and child welfare professionals that mothers were better equipped to take care of children, while fathers were better equipped to pay child support. That tendency has begun to change, however. Judges have always taken into account what is in the "best interests" of the children, but family courts and sociologists are recently beginning to recognize that men also play an important part in their children's lives. In fact many men are proving to be excellent primary caregivers. In addition, many more mothers are now furthering their professional careers and income, and the pendulum is swinging.


The Law Offices of Richard C. Woods provides experienced representation for people who have child custody and visitation issues arising out of their divorce. We work toward mediated or negotiated child custody arrangements that truly are best for the children. Our experienced family law attorneys know that parents' egos and guilt often become an issue in child custody settlements.


By taking a reasoned, intelligent approach to meeting everyone's needs, we are usually able to reach a settlement that protects everyone's interests. When the other side won't be reasonable, though, we stand firmly in your corner, protecting your rights and the well-being of your children.


Contact us to discuss child custody issues such as visitation rights, child support, judgment modifications, relocations, and all other divorce issues relating to your children. Hiring the right family law attorney can ensure that you get a fair opportunity to present your case and demonstrate that your having custody is in the child's best interest.


Under Massachusetts law, a non-custodial parent with a parenting plan or visitation rights in place may not be denied visitation rights because of failing to make child support payments. There are legal measures available to terminate visitation and other parental rights. If you have shared or joint physical and legal custody of your child, you have the right to be included in decisions regarding the child's well-being. If you have been denied your parental rights, contact the Law Offices of Richard C. Woods to schedule an appointment.

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